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Changing the World: The Power of Positivity


Just a few days ago, I discovered something that had completely changed how I wake up and go to bed, and it’s nothing cliche like saying positive affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror every morning (because, well you can forget). It’s called the five minute journal (you can check it out at 

I am not marketing this product nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. But I am sharing this with you because the five minute journal encourages you to write what you are thankful for, what your affirmations are, and the great (little) things that happened on that day. I encourage you to check it out.

Ever since I made writing the journal a habit, I’ve gotten this mindset: stop focusing on the bad things! Appreciate even the smallest bit of happiness. If you only worry about the thorns, you will never appreciate the beauty of the rose.

Think about it: everyday, we always think about how awkward we talked to that guy/girl we liked, or how terrible the job interview went, or how tired we were but we still have to study for the finals at night (story of my life right now, high five college kids). But those things happen everyday. So why don’t we change our mindsets a little bit? Instead of thinking how negative the situation went, wasn’t it great that we got to talk with that guy/girl we liked? Weren’t we happy that we gave it our best shot in that job interview? Or aren’t we excited that since we’re going through finals, school is going to end in just a matter of days?

Notice here: the situations and events are the same — they are all just handled with different mindsets. 

I am going to paraphrase what Simon Sinek, an inspirational speaker, said in one of his interviews:

When athletes perform, they never say that they are nervous – they are trained to say that they are excited instead. Get this: when we’re nervous, our adrenalin hormone increases and our hearts beat faster. When we are excited, our adrenalin hormone increases and our hearts beat faster. So why don’t we choose the excitement over the nerves?

Again, it’s the same exact stimulus, but they are all just handled with different mindsets! Happiness is definitely a choice. This, my friend, is the secret to happiness and the freedom of the mind 🙂


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