I’m officially the happiest person on the planet right now.

If you read my posts, you’d know that I’ve been very depressed for the past few weeks. Mostly because of school, work, homesickness, and my crazy, micromanaging boss. But today is special because the universe decided to be awesomely nice to me. The things that happened to me today won’t be things like getting nominated for the grammys.. or winning a football championship. But today was awesome in comparison to the harsh realities of life I face everyday. I have decided that I am officially the happiest person on the planet right now.

  1. In the morning, I got a text from a student I tutor. He just received an 89 on his second exam!! (He had a 68 on the first).
  2. The students that I TA for were the kindest! They were oddly grateful of the smiley faces I put on their homework papers (because they got 100s).
  3. My micromanaging boss DID NOT nag me today!
  4. I e-mailed my professor to see if I could skip some assignments. He emailed me back saying I had the highest score in the class (which I found weird because I kept getting 80s on my exams), thanked me for my hard work, and told me I was exempt from 4 out of 6 assignments!!!
  5. After 2 months of monetary and competency struggles (and also perfectionist urges), the website my team has been working on is FINALLY, FINALLY LIVE (doubletimettu.org)!!
  6. My terrible job will be ending in a week!
  7. Bought a plane ticket home for DECEMBER this year!

I am writing this post to remind myself that there WILL ALWAYS BE a rainbow after every storm. Everyday is a war everyone fights survive, but we all should stay positive and know that everything WILL get better 🙂

Also this has just occurred to me: You can’t be happy if you’ve never experienced sadness/depression once in a while.


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