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Why It’s Important to Stop Playing Video Games

A friend of mine just recently graduated with a college degree. You see, that friend is a hardcore gamer and anime lover. Nicest person ever. I feel sorry though because I can tell that my friend doesn’t really have a passion; and therefore, don’t know what to do with the college degree.

First, let me tell you that I don’t really believe in destiny. I don’t believe that a college degree defines who you will be in life. I think it is OKAY to not know what to do with life. However, the problem is that my friend REALLY didn’t like to do anything but playing video games. This is a major problem.

I think it’s really important to find a passion, specifically one that people would pay you to do it. Life IS scary and there are a lot of times when you really don’t know what you want to do with life. But that doesn’t mean you should literally do nothing, give up, and leave everything to chance. Playing video games is totally awesome and it makes you feel great once you complete them; but unless people would pay you to play video games, you better stop and find something you really like to do.

For example, if you like video games so much, try learning 3D animation, game design, or character design. If you are not that artsy, maybe you can go to coding and computer science. If you don’t like that either, keep looking and don’t give up. Everyone has at least a passion locked deep inside, but only those who keep looking would achieve them.

Trust me, you do NOT want to grow up only knowing how to play video games. So once in a while, put down that game console and think about who you really are.


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