Greenbelt, MD – Sleep

For a few days in this place, I really could not sleep. Literally the longest I was able to sleep was 6 hours. Which is odd because I am usually able to sleep 12 hours even without trying. I took sleeping pills but I cannot go past 6 hours even if I am very sleepy. Although, last night (10 days after arriving here), I was able to finally sleep for 9 hours. I’m not sure if it is because I finally had the courage to stop telling my roommate to stop having phone calls in the room, or because I had some L-theanine the night before, or because of the sleeping meds. Or maybe the combination of both. I don’t know.

Now it is 4:25AM and I should really be waking up early tomorrow so I could go to Walmart. Sigh. I am really sleepy, I wish I could go to bed easier today.


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