Lubbock, TX – Friends who make you feel lonely.

I just arrived to Lubbock, TX to get my stuff and say goodbye to the people I hang out with here for the last time since I’ll be moving for good to Maryland. Sorry for the run on sentences by the way. I am exhausted and I need to be up by 7:40am.

Why the title? Well, my so-called best friend just reminds me how lonely I really am here. I asked her for a blanket as well as soap and shampoo. I was just going to borrow her bathroom or something so she doesn’t have to do anything. But she decided to make things much more complicated. She decided to get empty bottles and put soap and shampoo there, which takes much more time. And she was asking me why I didn’t just buy soap or shampoo. And when I said I don’t want to waste money, she said “Uhhhhh you know it costs money for me too right? And it costs me study time. Remember that I am still a student unlike you.”

Dude? If you were too busy to help then say that from the very beginning! If you didn’t want to help the person in the first place then why help? For reals 😦 It now just makes me feel so guilty. I could have asked another person who won’t be troubled.

This is only the first night and I already feel very very lonely. I am glad I will be moving away.

I should sleep.


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