depression · fear and anxiety

Taking a break from therapy.

I am going to take a break on therapy for a while. Remember when I said that talking on the phone makes me super tired? Yeah.

But that doesn’t mean talking in person makes me less tired. Both are pretty tiring. So having a therapy session after work when I’m not in the mood for it is definitely not my cup of tea.

Honestly though therapy has helped me. Not by lot. But it helped regardless and I am thankful for it. But I am taking a break after 1 month of therapy because I feel like I’ve reached a point where I can’t benefit from therapy anymore. Not because therapy is bad. but because therapy was good. Aside from major depression and suicidal thoughts, I have basically addressed my inner demons to my therapist.. who is really nice. Although the only thing about her I don’t really like is how extroverted she is. I mean it’s not bad, and nobody can be perfect. But it’s kinda annoying at times.

I don’t know how long this ‘break’ is going to be. But I will definitely go back to therapy when I need it. Yes, I can say it. Therapy IS very helpful. 10/10.


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