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Alprazium, Great Minds, and my offline journal

I’ve basically been consuming this medication for a week now. It’s been causing me to sleep very quickly and my thoughts are shutting down. In other words, this is working. On most days anyway. Although there was one day where it didn’t really work to be honest. And it kinda sucked. But 6 days out of 7, it works.

But because I consume this at roughly 7PM everyday after eating, I’ve been sleeping very early everyday. Around 9PM or 10PM and wake up at 7:40AM. Well actually I have an alarm at 7:22AM, just so that I don’t feel like I hate my life when I get up at 7:40AM. So yeah. I’ve been sleeping too much I feel like. Doesn’t feel normal. But if I sleep at 12AM, which is the time when I usually sleep before the medication, I feel so depressed. I’m not sure. Maybe that’s because I didn’t have the medication. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.

A few days ago I got this book from The School of Life, called Great Minds, which basically talks about the greatest philosophers throughout history. I haven’t gotten around to reading it but I really want to.

I also might read my journal, which is this brown journal book that I bought around 4 years ago during freshman year of college, but until now I’ve never filled up the whole book. There’s some insightful things about my life in there from my own brain that I’ve now forgotten. I might read it sometime.


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