depression · random thoughts

I miss home

Basically lately I’ve been pretty homesick. Hence the frequent calls with my sister. Heck, I’d even take the call if it were my parents, that’s how lonely i am. 

I am currently renting a place in a house owned by a chinese family. And every night theyd have dinner together and whenever i come upstairs to their dining room it always feel so loney for me because id do anything to have that with my family right now. 

Also theres 2 children living in this house, one is 10 and the other is 11 and theyre just the sweetest. Basically i envy how they can still stay a kid without needing to worry ahout anything. Also i envy the people who look my age but they have a lot of freedom in which their job is what the enjoy (at least i am assuming so because they are piano teachers) and they can still stay with the family for as long as they want.l which is great and ultimately what i want.

I’m probably asking too much now arent i.


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