fear and anxiety

Too many thoughts

Today is Monday and of course, it is a work day so I have to go to work. While I was sleeping, I kept dreaming anout weird scenarios and things that needs to be thought about and I did not have a peaceful sleep because of thay. My head hurts because of the too many thoughts.

Fast forward to now. I am currently at work in the wellness room. My head is still hurting and I just took some aspirin. It’s still hurting like hell.. also I’m feeling sleepy now because of the aspirin.. actually, not sure if it is because of the aspirin or it’s just because I am sleepy. 

Most of my thoughts right now comprises of time anxiety. 

I reserved this wellness room from 12:30pm-1pm but all the while that I am here, my thoughts is just like: 1pm… 1pm…. 1pm… i gotta make sure ai leave by 1pm… 

Same goes for other things like meetings. I have a meeting today at 3:30pm but all the seconds prior to that, I am just thinking 3:30pm… 3:30pm… gotta be there by 3:30pm… 

Not only that, i keep worrying how I would come off on those meetings.. Will I be prepared enough? I gotta make sure I”‘m prepared enough. Will i be good enough..?


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