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Week 10 Monday – My co-worker told me to get a chill pill

I think that no matter where I go, it is quite evident that I always stressed out.

I have this task that I need to get done at work but unfortunately people are going crazy over it, adding new requirements on the go and shit. So I can’t finish it by the deadline that was set. And I am always so crazy about being on time, and I beat myself up if I don’t finish something in time.

To be honest, this task got over the deadline because of something that is out of my control. So I shouldn’t even blame myself for it. My co-worker told me to get a chill pill. And he told me this is something that you get used to after years and years of working like this. So he’s pretty casual about it. Lol, on the other hand I was kinda freaking out.

But well fortunately, I talked to my boss and in the end we came up with a solution that we could get done. And I feel much calmer after that because it’s finally to the point where I understand what I need to do.

Ok. Well that’s all.

Going to have to fight another war tomorrow.


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