Week 10 Thursday – I suck at things

I’ve always had a problem understanding things people say. I dunno. Maybe because I am ADD where its just so hard to pay attention to people and understand what they’re saying.. or just I hate everything so that I don’t listen to them.

Basically today, the tester and I are supposed to test something, something pretty simple actually. But he never really did get what I mean. Maybe it’s because I do not explain things very well? Or I was answering things that wasn’t his question? I don’t know.

But basically it made me pissed and I am fucking annoyed.

Because our desks are right across from each other he can pull shit like this where he fucking digs into you and he doesn’t understand what is supposed to be done and then you get pissed and then he gets pissed and everyone gets pissed and your life sucks.



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