Week 11 Wednesday (Part 2) – Degraded

Today basically one of my bosses and the tester ganged up on me.

Well maybe ‘gang up’ is not the right word. It’s just they were mini-lecturing me about something that wasn’t even my idea. So basically we have these set of requirements of a certain file we would like to use. But le boss said we cannot trust it. So I was like.. um okay then what’s the point of the requirements document if we cannot trust it..? So she told me to think of validations. I was like, fine. But then I conversed with the tester and I told him I need to think of failing scenarios and he was like, no we must trust the requirements. Im like yes I agree, but the FUCKING boss said not to.

So today in the meeting the tester was like YEAH SO TRUST IT. And le boss was like YEAH TRUST IT. And i was like the fuck? Why is it suddenly backing me into a corner?

Also le boss didn’t seem to like the question I asked about the program that generates the file. I was just asking if it’s something that is currently being developed or has it  been developed and she was like NO WE DONT HAVE TO CAR EABOUT IT BECAUSE THE REQUIREMENTS ARE HERE but like I was just asking tho. I know the requirements is sufficient but why does it hurt that I am asking it…………? So after that she got the wrong impression that I do not think we can move forward without the actual file. And she gave me a mini-lecture on it saying that we don’t need the actual file. And im like what the fuk just happened.

So yeah. I don’t know how I got to the point where I feel like I hate working here. At first, I just hate the thing that I am doing, which is software. But now it’s literally the people here are starting to smell like shit.

Also did I mention that my boss gave me the wrong information on something and it’s like SO wrong that it’s confusing and im like why does it have to be like that but she’s like so adamant about it and turns out she’s fucking wrong about everything. !!!! SO FUCKING MAD!!!!!!!!!#JOCQOIJADIOJADSJIODASJOIDASJOIDA SJOIADJIO

Yet, I need to survive another 8 hours tomorrow.

I can’t even get excited over the mobile studio pro I just got. I walked from 6:30-9:30p to get this by forcing myself to excercise. sigh. I am in a new level of depression aren’t i. thigs just get worse and worse


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