depression · fear and anxiety

Trouble eating

I think I’ve gone to a point where I am so anxious that I cannot eat or drink.

This morning I woke up with a growling stomach and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Note, I’ve been sleeping literally all the time now because I am so depressed and I cannot do anything literally. Even drawing doesn’t give me as much joy. I even got the wacom mobile studio and I still feel like shit.

So when I woke up, i decided to try to eat something. But I didn’t even finish it. Then at work I tried to drink something but I end up always spitting them out.. Like if I try to swallow the drink I feel like I’m drowning or something. And all in all I’m just very anxious to the point where I starve myself.

But today my coworkers and I went for kebab, which is really good. I was worried that I wouldn’t me able to eat but I ate anyway because starving myself for days brought up an appetite.

Although, tomorrow is Friday and I think it should be a relaxing one. I hope so. I’m going to come to the office a bit later because there’s nothing really heavy that I need to do. So, yeah.


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