Week 12 Thursday – Tired, Again

I am tired. So tired. I went to work at 8 and went home at 5 today. I am exhausted. My drawing goals is to do 10-20 mins figure drawing a day and do 1 photo study.

But today I only managed to do figure drawing because I am so exhausted. So very exhausted. Tomorrow is Friday but I have so much work to do. T_T And I am kind of overwhelmed… but at the same time I believe I can handle it..

There will be meetings tomorrow as well and I am exhausted just thinking about it. It’s only 9:30PM right now but I am ready for bed already.. I might eat some fruits but yeah.

Forcing myself to draw after work I think is taking a bit of a toll for me because I just get so exhausted now. But I won’t stop drawing. At least I’d do some figure drawing. And that’s the minimum.


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