random thoughts

People who use you

So I have this friend that I met in around January and I guess you can say we were pretty close since we started to study together. But then after that we never really talked, which is fine because I mean we get along but it’s not like I have moments where i just wanna hang out with her ya know? so it’s like one of those fleeting friendships that I dont really care and honestly it does not matter too much.

Now note that we never talked anymore. I came to her place once or twice and she made food for me but that was like 3-4 months ago. Then, we never had contact. Actually she probably tried to contact me to whatsapp a couple of months ago but it was just hi’s and she didn’t reply back.

But then yesterday she texted me and asked if she could call me. I mean, i hate phone calls but I was like, well ok its fine.

So we talked about my job. And I sort of just expected that is the only thing she was asking.. like just asking about jobs, right? That’s normal. But then after 20 minutes of talking she asked me if she could use my real fucking name and information for her shenanigans that I cannot mention for privacy issues. So basically she baited me with 20 minutes of talking so she could fucking use me. Dude, I would pay more attention to you if you just went straight to the point. I AM REALLY PISSED OFF AT PEOPLE WHO DO THIS!! Just get to the fucking point! Dude.. even if we don’t talk to each other in months, I’d still rather have her say it to me in the very first second.

Now, I mean in general I don’t mind helping people out. But her inquiry is so absurd, and that is why she baited me for 20 minutes. And I mean, it’s going to be something that will require effort from me and might affect how I have to deal with things in the future. So it’s real bad. But because I am a pretentious bitch, during that phone call I said I would do it.. And I told her that by today I’d have something. But really, it’s not about what i have to do, it’s about what she has to do. And today she basically texted me to ‘remind’ me of this thing I need to do. Excuse me bitch?

And she needed a lot of personal information that I really am not comfortable with giving.

So 15 minutes ago I texted her that I cannot do it. Because I’d rather just tell her that I cannot provide rather than her having to wait for me.

Honestly though.. I am not trying to be racist but she is indian and a lot of indians that I’ve met are very… aggressive? I’m not sure if that is the right word but it’s like they persuade you of things and it’s like theyre sure that they’re right and they wont listen to other reason and they really want what they want, but not always very smart on how to achieve them. Ugh, i am being racist am I? I don’t like to generalize but this is just with the people I’ve met… i have yet to meet an indian who isn’t like this.. Two different work places and several indians.. they’re the same! Dunno.. heck this is my nonsense blog i can say whatever i want.

Anyways.. I really don’t want to have people using me anymore.. If I aint comfortable then I won’t do it..

I texted her but she hasn’t replied. And if she doesn’t, then I know that her only intention is to obtain something from me.

Update: she replied to me saying ‘no problem :)’

Yup I guess our friendship ends here? lol.


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