random thoughts

The coming guilt

So, I am going to leave the company I am working for in like 2 months. Now, I feel really bad because they are so not aware of this at all. And I feel so extremely guilty now because basically I am quitting without any notice at all, and the my bosses are one of the nicest people I’ve known.

I just cannot shake off the feeling that I will be very guilty when that happens. Heck, I’ve done it once havent I to that company in Lubbock. Although that one was me really being a dick because I basically started off the whole conversation with bullshit and then in the end I was like.. goodbye.


I feel so guilty :/

Not only that, after all of this is over, the job hunt will go again. It’s good and bad because the good thing is that I would be able to draw more, but the bad thing is that at the same time i’d probably have to study during the wekeends…


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