random thoughts

Anxiety Dreams: Late & Homesick

I don’t know why I keep having anxiety. Last night I dreamt that I was late for work. But that isn’t the only time.. the one last night was because the clock kept changing so I was never sure what the time was. The clock at my house says 9AM, but then my phone says 9PM, but when I came to work it was 12PM and when I looked at my phone it was 8:56AM. I had a meeting at 9AM today so that’s why it’s 9-centric. Then I realized I was probably late and then I jolted up, awake from the dream. Not only was I late, but I was also thinking about my friends and family. I dreamt that I was at home and my dad took me to work with his motorcycle and my sister was there too. Then I hung out with my friends: my high school friends, and my indonesian friends at TTU. These are probably homesick dreams and it has happened many times over the weeks. Once i dreamt I was going to get something for my sister until I realized I’m just dreaming. I got a bit depressed after that.


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