random thoughts

Week 14 Thursday – Worried. So worried.

So basically my fucking pm is telling me to work on this one thing as a priority and i’m like ok, but the thing is it doesnt seem like the tech lead knows this bc like i think the pm is getting much pressure from the stakeholder so like she’s pushing me to do this even tho theres not much reqs to go off of and plus the thing this program builds on top of is pretty fucking dumb and it messes me up and im just like FUCK

So today he asked me if im comfortable with the task, im not sure what he means but im probably overthinking it, probably he doesnt mean like i am dumb on this hes just trying to help me and the thing is i am ok with it and i think i got most of it down u know? so like why am i feeling so fucking worried all the time? 😦


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