random thoughts

Drawing depression, Friend is living with me

Today morning I wasn’t feeling particularly bad about myself. But then I proceeded to draw shit today and then I felt bad about myself because basically my drawings are shit and I want to fix one tomorrow.

My friend is also going to live with me in this house. This should deplete my feelings on loneliness on the reg but for the next 2 weeks we’ll probably try to sleep in the same bed or whatever (which i do not look forward to because the bed barely fits my fat body) or we can force in a sofa into my room or what not and she can sleep there in the mean time. Hopefully in the later.

I don’t know how I will feel about this because in a sense, I value loneliness a lot because it’s very hard to have time for yourself these days. But then again there are some times where I am too alone with myself that I start feeling suicidal again.


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