random thoughts

Figuring out how to break bad news

So.. even though I hate my job. I’d still feel so bad and slightly selfish to have to quit. But I have to rip off the band aid right?

Sometimes I think about how I’m going to have to break the bad news that I am leaving. After all, there are some components in the project and I am spear-heading. So if I were them, I’d be so fucking pissed. Fucking trash. But what else can I do..? I just hope that my component of the project will be finished by the time I need to leave.

Things like this happen all the time now does it? In the future something similar might happen to me and it would be my turn to deal with it. Sigh. Who knows..?

The news needs to be given early next month. We’ll see what happens?

I do not need to worry about it now. For now, just focus on doing the very best that you can.


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