About The Writer


Just a 22-year-old girl trying to be somebody. Hopefully I won’t get any older than that because I don’t like to spend my free time growing up.

This blog was originally called, “Inspired to inspire.” Yes, it’s very corny. I made it when I was 20, a time when I had mental illness but still very hopeful. But two years later to today, I still have mental illness (probably even worse than before), and I’m not very hopeful anymore to be honest. I’ve sort of archived the ‘inspirational’ part of this page because I am tired of sugarcoating everything and pretending everything is all well and dandy. I do that all the time in real life. I don’t need to do it here.

When I look at blogs of people I know, they’re always full of hope, resolutions, learned life lessons, and ‘I overcame adversity’ kinds of shit-stories. Oh yes I was that type of person too. But then it came to the point where those are lies we tell ourselves because we don’t want to admit how shitty everything really is.

Grammar mistakes are expected here because I do not proofread my blogposts anymore. My brain just moves too fast to form well thought-out sentences. Honestly, I no longer give a shit about anything.

I love reading non-fiction and writing nonsense in my free time. I dream of being a motivational/inspirational speaker… and a web designer, artist, musician, writer, educator, scientist, etc, etc. I write in this blog with the purpose of inspiring people while giving the feeling that they are not alone. I believe that we can all reach our dreams and live life the way we want despite what other people think. Because in the end, nothing else matters more than what you think of yourself.

This blog is just filled with myself informally writing about things that matter to me. Sometimes I would, in my most “intelligent” way, write book reviews or summaries to inform the important knowledge each author passes on. Also, writing is a great way to organize my otherwise chaotic mind. I write a lot when I get stressed so your judgements about my grammar in this blog will be ignored. I do not necessarily do everything I write in this blog because writing simply helps me tailor my thoughts together so I could go back to them and seek motivation whenever I lose it; and it makes me happy that there is a number people reading along. 🙂

I am a college graduate semi-hating my job, and at the same time trying to build a business. I write here to record my journey. I want to see how many times I have to stumble and fall to achieve one win.

Sometimes I draw. But no big deal. Click here to visit my art blog.


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